Board Close up

So What's next?

Much work has been invested into So Grounded! so far. Play testing has shown that the game is conceptually complete, but there a few more step away from it being publicly available.

  • Current project status:
    > The raw board layout is complete and the forfeit cards finalised.

    > Scoring and play time have been carefully honed.

    > Comprehensively play tested - Groups of teenagers and adults were given the game box, complete with rules sheet, and left to play with no other instruction. A typical game lasting around one hour. The players were questionnaired afterwards.

    > Wording revised away from the original UK-centric version. This resulting in a international version suitable for both UK and US players.

    > Facebook page and Twitter account created.

    > Manufacturing quotes obtained and shipping costs calculated.

    > So Grounded! logo commissioned.

  • Next actions planned:
    > Get the game reviewed within the international boardgame community and get the word out.

    > Film and edit a promotional video.

    > Launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the graphic design for the first commercial version and first manufacturing run.

    > Commission the graphic design for the commercial version.

    > Manufacture and Ship.

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