The Prototype So Gounded! box


A riotous game of illicit party panic

A new and original board game for 2 to 4 players. Designed for teenagers and the long-suffering parents of teenagers. This game combines apocalyptic stories of out-of-control teenage house-parties with gripping gameplay to deliver both hilarity and a game you will enjoy playing again and again.

Jeopardy, strategy, swings of fortune and all-out belly laughs - This game has it all.


Your parents are going away for the weekend to see your Uncle Dick and Aunt Vera. They used to make you tag along but you are now too big and too embarrassing to them, so they don't even try. They have said you can have a couple of friends in for a movie and sleep-over but "THAT'S ALL". They expect to find the place exactly as they left it - clean and tidy. This is your chance to have a house party. But if you don't clear up in time for their return, you will be So Grounded!.

  • Scoring You compete against the other players to get guests to your house party. They in themselves don't count towards your score, it's what happens at the party that earn you 'cool' points, but having guests to experience the fun will multiply your 'cool' score.

  • Moving Each time you roll the dice you choose whether to head for the Shopping Mall to collect guests, get your party dancing and turn guests into points, try to steal guests from rival parties, or to end the festivities and try and hang on the 'cool' points you've amassed

  • Careful ! You don't want to get saddled with undesirable party crashers, end up stuck at the Police Station or the Hospital, or stranded with too little time to get the house back in order - not cool.

  • Finishing It's not all 'cool' - because the points will be worth nothing if your parents get back and find out you've been partying. Getting the house tidied in time is your top priority - It won't be cool if you're So Grounded!

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