the concept: the Teenager's world is a crazy one

Just some of the forfit cardsWe all have or have heard apocalyptic stories of the insane stunts, accidents and high jinx that happen where ever teenagers gather and cans are opened.

Give a teenager an empty house and it won't be long before the friends have arrived and a gathering has spilled over into a full blown house party. And as we know teenage poor judgment is magnified ten fold by the presence of alcohol. So Grounded! takes you into this crazy world.

The object of the Game

Your ultimate goal is to be acknowledged as 'Cool' by your friends.
So you score 'cool' point for fun, exciting and legendary things that happen at your house party, but lose cools when things go wrong (as they are inevitably do). But as every teenager knows, the parents must never find out there has ever been a party in their house so cool points only count if you can get everything back to normal.

What Happens along the way

You start from 'Home' and you finish at 'Home' and in between to try to accumulate booze, guests, extra time and of course the all important cool points. But there are pitfalls to be avoided like, party crashers from the wrong side of town and visits to the hospital and police station. Competing parties may steal your guests or dump party crashers on you. There are seemingly dull household items you can collect on the way that may be a lifesaver when it comes to clear up time.

All the time the clock is ticking and you will need to time your run to clean the house up before your parents are due home or all your cool points won't be worth a thing. It's just like real life!

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