superior Gameplay - this is no gimmicky game

The Prototype So Gounded! boardSo Grounded! has been play tested with a number adults and teenagers for 2, 3 and 4 person play. These people ranged from those who love board games to those who very rarely play games. In summary the feedback received was that it was great fun to play and they appreciated the humour. They said that it took a while to understand the gameplay and that they would play better next time having got the hang of it from the first play. All said they would like to play again. When asked to rate So Grounded! against the top board games they scored it between 7 and 9 out of 10.

Conclusion: Any difficulty in getting the hang of gameplay was compensated for by the fun and humour in the game and so provided an easy ramp up to regular mastered play.

    So Grounded! utilises some of the standard board game devices such as, dice, counters and forfeit cards. But amongst it's original innovations are:

  • Count down play Each player has a limited number of turns that represent the number of hours until their parents return. Each time they throw the dice they individually countdown one hour. This not only means that tension builds as each one approaches the zero hour, but the duration of the game can be varied from the outset as the available time allows.

  • Progressive playing zones There are three zones of play each with it's own deck of forfeit cards, 'Let's Do It' (planning), 'Full Swing' (running the party) & 'Panic' (clear up) sections. Each player progresses through these zones and each zone offers its own unique prizes and pitfalls. Along the way they will gain or lose Guests, Party Crashers, Cool points & Time!

  • Climactic Ending As the game progresses two things happen. The stakes rise, with the cool points to be won and lost increasing. But weaker players are automatically favoured so that there is always a chance for any player to win right up to the last few rolls of the dice.

  • Forfeit customisation Everyone has their own apocalyptic stories from teenage house parties. There is provision in this game to customise some of the forfeit cards to your include own tales or to refer to specific friends or family members. So at any time in game play something familiar may pop up!

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