Who invented this Game (and Why?)

Hi, I am Martin Day the inventor of So Grounded! I have no history of devising games and I'm not even a game player myself. So where did the idea for So Grounded! come from? But I have been a teenager myself but more to the point I had teenage children. Of two of them, my daughter is an off the scale extrovert. Which means she not only loved parties but would also tell me some off the tales of what went on at them! Whenever my wife and I went away, she hated to be in on her own and so would invite friends around, and to stay - in numbers. She claimed she never had parties, just 'gatherings' (although I have come to believe that they are one and the same). She was very good at cleaning up afterwards and it would seem that nothing had happened until we would inevitably notice that all the cleaning products had been used up and the odd things had been put away in the wrong place. So already you can see where the main premise of the game came from.

Martin Day guesting with The Prognosis

More about Martin Day

I may not be a games nut, but the mind behind So Grounded! has some unique credentials. I currently work as a life coach and I run Sumo Experience Japanese themed fat-suits wrestling parties for children and adults as a sideline (but only in South East England though, folks). I have found enough time between these endeavours to create not only the So Grounded! game, but also to write a book of short stories called 'The Animal Parables' (available from Amazon in the UK and US), and write the lyrics, melodies and book for an original dramatic/comedy musical called 'Sharp to the Flat'. I am currently still working on the later to bring it to the stage.

In the past I have worked in IT, been a children's worker, a church worker, glassblower and midge farmer.

Other creative exploits in my past are 'Pod the Alien', a puppet character I created, and wrote scripts for and used for teaching. I have written songs since my teenage years both solo and with the the 80s/90s rock band 'Salt Solution' performing as the lead singer. Latterly, I have co-written a couple of songs with The Prognosis, a prog rock band from Dorking in the UK. One of the track features on their debut EP 'Beneath Box Hill'. I also dabble in video editing and building web sites.

I live (and always have done) in Woking Surrey just outside London, UK with my wife. I have two adult children. To find out more about my creative endeavours visit www.ShallowDeep.com.

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